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The Dawson Center

We are currently scheduling evaluations. To accommodate parents with busy schedules, appointments can be scheduled on weekends or late afternoons. Parents, pediatricians, and other referral partners can contact us at 919-533-8726 for more information.

Specializing in the early identification of developmental delays, autism, learning disabilities, ADHD or other behavioral-emotional challenges that can impact a child's development and learning.  


At The Dawson Center, children and families come first. A child's development is so important, and parents are understandably concerned when a child is not meeting early milestones or is struggling in school. Parents often ask questions such as...

Why is my child acting out so much in class that I get calls from the teacher weekly?

Why is my child so far behind academically?

Does my child have a learning disorder or ADHD?

Why is my child not communicating and socializing like her peers?

How can I help my child so he will not struggle so much?

Why is parenting my child so difficult and stressful for the entire family?

If your child is struggling academically, socially, emotionally, or behaviorally you might be asking yourself similar questions. Your child's teacher or pediatrician may be encouraging you to seek a psychological evaluation. At The Dawson Center it is our mission to provide comprehensive evaluations for children that help answer the "Why?" questions about your child's struggles, as well as the "How and What?" questions about next steps, interventions and other supports. Begin by requesting an assessment.

Our services

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Testing and Evaluation 

A psychological assessment battery is individualized based on your child's current strengths and needs. A general evaluation includes a parent interview of the child's developmental history, an assessment of adaptive behaviors and social-emotional skills, and an evaluation of cognitive skills. For older children who are struggling academically, tests of reading, math and writing may also be administered. Specific measures will be added accordingly​ and may include direct measures related to autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety, or other concerns. With parent permission, teachers and/or therapists will be interviewed and asked to complete behavioral rating scales. A written report with the psychologist's final interpretation and customized recommendations will be reviewed and provided.  Begin by requesting an appointment. 

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Parent Consultation

Parent Consultation may be requested after an evaluation has been completed, with the goal of supporting parents along the diagnostic journey to better understand a child's needs, learning new parenting strategies or needed structures in the home to support the entire family unit.  

 Begin by requesting an appointment. 

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Other Family Supports

In-Home Evaluations:  At a parent's request and for an additional fee, evaluations can be administered at home in special cases.

Classroom Observations:  When allowed by the school or daycare, a classroom observation can help determine the functions or reasons underlying a child's challenging behaviors. 

Educational Consultation: To support a child's educational needs, the psychologist can review any educational records, IEP documents, prior assessments, or attend an IEP meeting. 

Begin by requesting an appointment. 

Why The Dawson Center?

Each child has unique gifts and talents. Some children experience delays that challenge their progress in learning new skills. The earlier these challenges are identified and interventions begin, the better the long-term outcomes are for children. Various agencies provide evaluations, but the waiting list is often months-long. The Dawson Center helps families to receive testing and recommendations quickly so children can begin interventions sooner.

  • The Dawson Center specializes in providing assessments only for children from 2-to-9 years of age. And for older children needing a re-evaluation. 

  • All steps of the assessment process are completed with the psychologist, which eliminates miscommunication from working with multiple staff members.

  • Our assessment suite was purposefully designed to accommodate families with children who experience stress in busy, over-stimulating environments.

  • We offer individualized attention, as we see only one family at the center at a time. This also minimizes the stress children may feel in a crowded space. 

  • We limit the number of active clients so that we can deliver recommendations to families within weeks, rather than months.  

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